100 Liter Reactor

➧100 liter flask with bottom outlet
➧Domed glass head with large side 

    port opening
➧Rugged stainless steel support

    frame on casters for mobility
➧Adjustable height flask support
➧Available w/ Lexan™ safety shields


Complete System   $20,966






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 Production & Pilot Plant Reactors


Monitoring and Control for

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Pilot Plant Reactor System - 100 Liter

Turnkey & Ready for Shipment

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2.) Control Systems

Volume (L) 100L
Glassware Material Borosilicate
Frame Material 304SS
Diameter of Vessel Lid (mm) 340 mm
Head of Vessel (Openings & Sizes) 4 (34#+40#*2+40mm)
Stirring Power (w) 250 w
Speed Adjustment Frequency Conversion
Gear Down 3:1
Rotary Speed (rpm) 50 ~ 600
Reaction Temperature Range (℃) -80 ~180℃
Thermometer Type PT100 Thermometer
Seal Type Ceramic Mechanical
Reachable Vacuum Level (Mpa) ≥ 0.095MPa
Stirring Head Type Propeller
Stirring Bar Material Stainless Steel with PTFE Sleeve
Condenser Type & Area (sqm) Integrated Tandem Dual Reflux 


Continuous Charge Funnel Included
Separator Included
PTFE Graduated Charge Valve Included
Solid Material Charge Funnel Included
PTFE Multifunctional Valve Included
7-Typed Circulation Point Included
Discharge Valve PTFE (Teflon)
Discharger Position Bottom
Dimensions (cm) 98*88*232
Power 220V/5A
Extra Component (Optional) Explosion (Flame) Proof Shields


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